Grace de Monaco to prem at Cannes 2014

Première bande-annonce pour Grace de Monaco avec Nicole Kidman by Cinéaddict

French film director Olivier Dahan’s “Grace of Monaco”, starring Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth, will open the Festival de Cannes 2014. The film will kick off the last festival to be run under the stewardship of Gilles Jacob.

From Edith Piaf to Grace Kelly

Dahan shot to fame with the lush biopic of Edit Piaf, called “La môme” or “La vie en rose” depending on where you watched it. Arguably a minor masterpiece, the Piaf biopic is a world away from the idea of doing the biopic of Grace Kelly, the fifties movie star that went on to have a fairytale romance and marriage to the Rimaldi family and become Princess Grace of Monaco.

Initial insider reactions have been tepid, and the first trailer certainly looks more like a perfume ad than a work of fiction (although some would say that was pretty much the way Princess Grace would have liked it). One wonders if Dahan will address the many rumours surrounding Grace’s marriage and tragic death. Did the notoriously conservative Rimaldi family exercise any influence over the story? It’s hard to see the production company’s lawyers leaving the film open to the possibility of royal lawsuits.

The only way to find out will be to wait for the world preview of Grace de Monaco in Cannes on Wednesday 14 May, 2014!

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