Pan-African film fest makes Cannes award

<span style=”font-style: italic;”>Originally posted Feb 21, 2006. </span><img src=”” hspce=”4″ width=”140″ align=”left” height=”180″ hspace=”6″ />DIKALO AWARDS – 2006   The winners of the third edition of the Panafrican Film Festival 11th to 19th February – Cannes, France

The Jury of the third edition of the Panafrican Film Festival, led by Mrs Jeanne ROMANA granted the following awards:

The DIKALO award for the best full-lenght movie was granted to “ROBLE DE OLOR” by director Rigoberto LOPEZ (Cuba) .

The DIKALO award for best short film was granted to “SAFI” by director Raso GANEMTORE (Burkina Faso) .

The DIKALO award for best documentary was granted to “CALYPSO@DIRTY JIM’S” by director Pascale OBOLO (France / Cameroon). A special award was granted by the jury to the documentary film “TANKAFATRA” directed by Hery A. RASALO (Madagascar).

The Pan-African Film festival is sometimes called the “other Cannes film festival”. For details, <a target=”_blank” href=”;pg=1070″>visit their website</a>

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