Images take centre stage

Originally posted Jan 11, 2006. Initiated some years ago, the Music for Images section of Midem has proven very popular. This reflects the fact that sales of recorded music have continued to slump, where as the new uses have provided real breakthroughs in advertising, games and cinema.

Largely speaking, there are two levels to this game. The first is strictly reserved for the Robbie Williams and Britney Spears of the world: major labels talk to major producers about major game, movie and product endorsements. This happens behind closed doors and is of no interest to Midem delegates generally.

The other level is managing to get a recording placed with a major game or movie, even if only to fill up the musical quota to a certain degree. There are undeniable benefits to games that find the right music. And savvy publishers and managers should be ready and able to use the exposure in order to both connect directly with new listeners and leverage their profile in the business. The cash comes in handy too.

The third edition of the Music for Images conference and three listening sessions are organised in association with EuropaCorp – Recall, Activision and Zync Music.

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