Snow in Cannes

This is weird, it's snowing in Cannes :| on Twitpic
Everything seemed to slow down on Sunday January 31, when huge snowflakes started falling on Cannes. This shot of the beach with the Carlton in the background is from Mikael Rousson, via Twitter.

Last May, the Carlton was turned into a winter wonderland to promote “A Christmas Tale”. But no, this wasn’t another publicity stung. It was actually real snow! It’s odd, as Tweeters from Nice noted there was no snow there.

Just a few hours later, the sun came out and everything was back to normal.

2 comments to “Snow in Cannes”
2 comments to “Snow in Cannes”
  1. Its now the middle of February and the beach is still covered in snow – do you think its Januarys or the stuff thats just come down today?

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