Cannes Lions: "Should we laugh? Should we whistle?"

Interesting post from an assistant brand manager of Campbell Company of Canada. Although largely an agency get-together, some brands send teams to Cannes to check the latest trends. Nicolle Nordmann, I must say, seems to be doing it diligently (remember what I said yesterday: some people come to work) as she has been sitting through full days of screenings – a heavy experience. I’ll let you read through her thoughts, but one things I found amusing was her sign-off. She was a little taken aback by the very loud reaction to bad ads in the hall. “I’m wondering what the creative outcome would be if we, as clients, were this candid with our feedback at creative presentations? Should we laugh? Should we whistle?” Submit your creative work to the client’s clapometer? Now there’s a thought. Read the full article in Media in Canada.

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