Cannes amongst Forbes’ "Top 10 Topless Beaches"

Forbes has just published their Top 10 choice of topless beaches, which includes Cannes. As they say themselves, “Call us old-fashioned, but we tend to favor topless beaches rather than nude ones. Nearly all European beaches are topless, and sunbathers there have a blasé attitude towards nudity, which means no gawking or cameras”. The fact that they recommend staying during the film festival is not very helpful as 1) there are more cameras per square meter than at a Nikon factory and 2) it’s almost impossible to book a hotel. So their suggestion of the Carlton is a bit optimistic. You might want to book now for next May.

Other beaches on the hotlist include Santorini (Greece), Bora Bora (Polypenesia) and St Martin (West Indies). Funnily enough, Cannes is amongst the cheapest of the bunch.


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