Smoking ban in Cannes?

Heaven for some, hell for others, the smoking ban in cafés, restaurants, “bar-tabacs” and casinos that was introduced in France on January 1 obviously affects Cannes as well. The big question is how vigilantly will it be applied? French cafes and restaurants globally tend to be pretty smoker-friendly. But if a country as strong-headed as Ireland has learnt to comply, I can’t see why France can’t. On the practical side, Cannes has many terraces that smokers can use. Some of the bars spill into the streets anyway. So smokers can rest assured that there should still be a way to catch a quick puff.

In case you get involved in a discussion with restaurant owners, here are two figures worth remembering: the fine for smoking can be up to €450; and the fine for the owner is €750. Don’t expect too much indulgence from them.

One comment to “Smoking ban in Cannes?”
One comment to “Smoking ban in Cannes?”
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