"We’re all white, middle-aged men anyway"

Mipim is not really my scene. But the recent article in Britain’s The Lawyer still seemed vaguely familiar from having attended so many different Cannes events. On the one hand, you have the sharp players that have everything worked out and know when to schmooze in town and when to whisk the right people out of sight for a quiet “chat”. On the other, the people straight off the boat that end up in the bar way too late. If you ever think of bringing a company to Cannes – whether it be for Midem or Mipcom – this gives an idea of how business is done outside the Palais (but don’t forget the foot soldiers that can pick up plenty of business inside the Palais – this article doesn’t even mention them).

Quote of the week: a certain Tim Jones was invited, but ended up wearing the badge of another Tim Jones. “It doesn’t matter, we’re all white, middle-aged men anyway.” The funny thing is, if you replace the pin-stripes in the article by leather jackets, he could be describing Midem or the festival.

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