Toulon airport to Cannes

Reaching Cannes from Toulon airport

I occasionally get questions about reaching Cannes from Toulon airport. It’s certainly a cheap option as the flights are nearly all from low-cost carriers, but not very practical if you’re trying to reach Cannes.

Airlines flying there include Air France, Ryanair, Transavia and Jetairfly. Six cities are serviced: Paris, London, Rome, Brest, Brussels and Stockholm. However, as it is a regional airport, you can get there later than other airports to check in. The building is pretty, set in wooded landscape with Provençal-style architecture and a view of the hills.

The town of Toulon is on the main high-speed TGV line between Marseilles and Cannes. Unfortunately, there is no direct train connection at the airport. The main problem is that there are only between 4 and 6 bus connections to Toulon station per day, a trip of about 35 minutes (check the timetable to coordinate connections). So if you’re not careful, you will end up waiting for the bus at the airport and then waiting for a train to Cannes or Nice at the station. If you are willing to rent a car, it could work out cheaper than flying to Nice airport. The airport is about an hour’s drive to Cannes along the main A57 motorway.

For more information, visit the Toulon airport website in French and English.

How do you get from Toulon airport to Cannes? It’s about 130km from the airport to Cannes. If you don’t want to take a taxi or rent a car, take the 210 bus to Toulon station (about €1.40) and then catch a direct train to Cannes, roughly 1 hour 15 minutes (about €20).

If anyone knows any better ways to reach Cannes from Toulon, just drop a message below.


Destinations from Toulon Airport in 2016

National lines

  • Ajaccio
  • Bastia
  • Bordeaux
  • Brest
  • Lyon
  • Paris

International lines

  • Southampton
  • Brussels/ Charleroi 
  • London
  • Rotterdam



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One comment to “Toulon airport to Cannes”

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