Presenting projects at Cannes (in French)

logo tunerz
Anyone attending the Cannes fest with a project might be interested in reading about Tunerz. This is a project I put together with Gaétan Cardella last year, where we presented an outline and some collateral to a number of partners. It’s interesting as we are mining a niche, Europe’s tuning scene, that offers lots of promotional potential. We have been keeping a captain’s log of the project in French at the following site, Tunerz the Movie.

We talk about writing and presenting stuff at Cannes. We’ll also have updates before the event kicks off, as we are currently rewriting. Incidentally, we’re actively looking for co-producers. So if you think it’s worth meeting at Cannes, feel free to drop a line via the Contact page. We have very precise ideas about the market and promotion.

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