Italy’s Nanni Moretto to preside the Cannes jury 2012

Italian director and actor (and Palme winner) Nanni Moretti will preside over the jury of the Cannes Film Festival 2012, the 65th edition of the event in Cannes. Why Moretti, a spirited and occasionally controversial director? “When we decided to put ‘Ecce Bombo’ – a super 8 film – into Competition when I first arrived in 1978, it was because I had a premonition that Nanni Moretti would soon become NANNI MORETTI,” said Gilles Jacob. “This is what happened”

Thierry Frémaux went further. “The Festival wanted to celebrate its 65th season with a European jury President,” explains the festival director . “High-spirited and marked by his modernity and intelligence, Nanni Moretti’s films are the incarnation of all the best in cinema over the past thirty years”.

That’s quite a claim. But it’s true that Moretti’s films have always provoked love-or-hate reactions. He applied a critical but sometimes amusing eye on Italian society through films such as the award winning “Sogni d’Oro” (Sweet Dreams) and “La Messa è finita” (The Mass is Ended). “La Stanza del figlio” (The Son’s Room) won the Palme d’Or in 2001 and was a box office hit. Moretti scored more points with the controversial “Il Caimano” (The Caiman) in 2006, a film clearly targeted at Italy’s obsession with politics as theatre, and a thinly-veiled criticism of Silvio Berlusconi.

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