Citadines Apart’Hotels Cannes introduces mobile keys

Like something out of a mobile technology tradefair, one flat hotel in Cannes is introducing mobile keys to its customers. At Citadines Apart’hotels on the Boulevard Carnot, guests and residents can avoid the front desk if they already have a booking and go straight to their flats. They can use their mobile phones as an apartment key.

“We are very pleased to bring Mobile Key by OpenWays to France through The Ascott Limited and its Citadines Apart’hotels brand,” said Pascal Metivier, OpenWays Founder and CEO. “With Mobile Key, people check-in on their own terms. Because this is apartment-type living (extended stay), there is no need for residents and guests to interact with staff unless a specific service is needed. We are confident in the success of this pilot program.”

Citadines Apart’hotel is located on the main road towards the motorway, at about 20 minutes on foot to the Palais.

Convenience for Cannes hotel guests

Citadines Apart’hotels offer the accommodations and privacy of an apartment while offering travelers and residents the conveniences of a hotel. There are many such establishments in Cannes and the environs, which cater for people that consider hotels as a function rather than a service.

People that might arrive in Cannes late or leave early certainly benefit from the system, as some flat hotels only have desk staff during office hours.

Besides, we have automatic check-in on planes, so why not at Cannes hotels as well?

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