Pan-African Film Festival premieres Bob Marley documentary

Bob Marley documentary screens at Cannes
Bob Marley: The making of a Legend on Amazon

The 9th Pan-African Film Festival in Cannes will host the French premiere of “Bob Marley: the Making of a Legend” taken from footage shot at the time by former girlfriend Esther Anderson. Each year, the festival showcases cinema from across the African diaspora, with a healthy mix of movies, music and fashion. The festival runs from April 24 to 28, 2012.

Rare movies at Cannes

African cinema is rarely seen outside of Africa itself, with only a very few festivals worldwide devoting time to the new voices. The Pan-African Film Festival offers a unique opportunity to catch films from – this year – Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago,  Guadeloupe and elsewhere. In all, some 50 films will be shown this year.

International jury

This year’s honorary president is the Canadian actress and producer Tetchena BELLANGE. The jury will be headed by the Algerian director Mohammed Soudani. Concerts and gala dinners will be held at the Hotel Martinez and Hotel Miramar.


Trailer for “Le bonheur d’Elza”, showing at Cannes. For full details about the festival, visit Festival du film pan-Africain de Cannes.

Bob Marley: the Making of a Legend – trailer
6 comments to “Pan-African Film Festival premieres Bob Marley documentary”
6 comments to “Pan-African Film Festival premieres Bob Marley documentary”
  1. Hear, hear. I remember seeing one of his many sons playing at a Stella Artois beach party in Cannes a good few years back.


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