Scriptwriters to make a mark at Cannes 2012

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A bunch of French scriptwriters have been running special events at the Cannes Film Festival for several years, and will be back with lots of activities in 2012. The “Maison des Scénaristes” brings together filmmakers, producers and broadcasters around scriptwriting. From a villa about 15 mins from the Palais, they host discussions, script services, cocktails (which has included a daily cocktail on a trimaran in the bay at sunset – this is Cannes after all) and even some lodgings.

Scriptwriters at Cannes 2012

This year the Maison will be selecting scripts for pitching sessions, organising professional lunches and their now-famous “nuit blanche du scénario” during which a number of scripts are taken apart and reworked in a group session. Although the group is largely made up of French writers and professionals, it’s worth remembering that France is Europe’s most dynamic market by far.

The event has two honorary sponsors, the writer/producer Noëlle Deschamps and actress Julie Gayet. The project is also supported by the CNC and the Writer’s Guild of America.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Cannes is not really equipped to act as a scritpwriters’ market. Many do attend, but very little is done to help them (with the exception of the Maison des Scénaristes). Nonetheless, meetings do take place. I do recommend attending at least once to get a better overall view of the movie market and the bigger picture writers are trying to insert themselves into.

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One comment to “Scriptwriters to make a mark at Cannes 2012”
One comment to “Scriptwriters to make a mark at Cannes 2012”
    LA NUIT BLANCHE est ouverte aux auteurs francophones confirmés et aux étudiants francophones de cinéma et de télévision.

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