Steven Spielberg to head Cannes 2013 jury

Cannes festival regular Steven Spielberg will – finally – head the jury of the 2013 edition. I say finally, as Cannes festival president Gilles Jacob is not shy about admitting he had asked Spielberg already several times. “It was with E.T. that I screened as a world premiere in ‘82 that ties were made of the type you never forget,” he says. “Ever since, I’ve often asked Steven to be Jury President, but he’s always been shooting a film. So when this year I was told ‘E.T., phone home’, I understood and immediately replied: “At last!”

Steven Spielberg: Cannes Festival regular

Spielberg, the director of films as diverse as “Duel”, “Jaws”, Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Schindlers’ List” and “Lincoln”, is enamored of the festival. “ET” was the very last film to be screened at the old Palais in Cannes. Many of his films break records for attendance. And of course, Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Lincoln earned a record for the actor as well. History will tell if it will be the most-loved of his movies (personally, I thought it is creakingly slow and pedantic), but with remarkable works such as “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Minority Report” and “The Color Purple” in his repertoire, Spielberg’s place in movies is guaranteed.

Here’s a question that could be fun. Everyone has at least one Spielberg in their top 20 favourites. He has covered a lot of genres already – from kids fantasy to history (a lot) and pure action. What genre would you like him to try next, and why?

Answers below!

One comment to “Steven Spielberg to head Cannes 2013 jury”
One comment to “Steven Spielberg to head Cannes 2013 jury”

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