Festival de Cannes unveils 2013 poster

CAnnes Festival poster 2013As in previous years, the Festival de Cannes is dipping into the past for its 2013 poster. A striking image of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward will serve as the graphical signature for the event, which is held between May 15 to 26, 2013. The photo is taken from “A New Kind of Love”, directed by Melville Shavelson in 1963.

Newman and Woodward attended the Cannes Film Festival in 1958 the year they got married, promoting “The Long Hot Summer” by Martin Ritt, their first film together.

The poster is the work of Guillemette Gobbi for the Parisian agency Bronx. I can’t resist quoting from the official press release: “The poster evokes a luminous and tender image of the modern couple, intertwined in perfect balance at the heart of the dizzying whirlwind that is love. The vision of these two lovers caught in a vertiginous embrace, oblivious of the world around them, invites us to experience cinema with all the passion of an everlasting desire.”

Ah yes, Cannes is indeed in France.

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