Speeding fines for foreigners in France

FrancFrench speed limitse is one of the most-visited countries in Europe, and has a very extensive motorway network. Until now, however, French speeding fines for people living outside the country were hard to apply for the authorities. Since November 7 2013, this has all changed. European authorities have aligned their admin and opened the door to speeding fines in France being payable outside France. In short, fines can now be sent to you at your home address and can be pursued.

The move is only logical, closing a decade-old loophole. But the significance is important for foreign drivers visiting France. According to the Riviera Times, “an estimated 25 per cent of all speeding infractions [in France] are committed by drivers with foreign number plates.”

Beware of spot fines

British drivers in particular should take note, as the conversion of miles to kilometers is not that easy and many drivers are unaware of the changing speed limits per stretch of road. Although most motorways have a maximum speed limit of 130 km/h, large stretches are at 110 km/h.

Inevitably – as in all things European – there are exceptions. The UK, Ireland and Denmark have opted out of the scheme for the moment. Drivers from these countries won’t be penalised if caught breaking the law on camera, but they will not escape on the spot fines if pulled over by the police.

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