Cinefondation announces its 16 directors for Cannes

Promising movie projects to be presented to the biz

Each year, the Cinéfondation selects a number of short and medium-length films, presented by film schools from all over the world, to receive special mentoring at the Cannes Film Festival.  It was created in 1998 by Gilles Jacob. Since then it has developed complementary programmes to help achieve its goal. Today it is divided into three different parts: The Selection, The Residence and The Atelier.

L’Atelier provides its participants access to international co-productions, thus accelerating the film’s completion. For the 12th edition in 2016, 16 directors whose projects have been considered particularly promising will be invited to attend the Atelier. Together with their producers, they will meet potential partners, a necessary step towards finishing their project and start the making of their film.

The Atelier was created in 2005 to stimulate creative filmmaking and encourage the emergence of a new generation of filmmakers. So far, out of 171 projects, 126 have been released in theaters and 18 are currently in pre-production.

In parallel, more than 1,000 student films are presented to la Sélection. This selection of films is projected at the Cannes Festival and presented to the Cinéfondation and Shorts Jury, which awards prizes to the best three at an official Festival event (see the video in French). The nominees have not yet been announced.

The list of Atelier participants in 2016

Abou Leila Amin Sidi-Boumediène Algeria
La Cordillera Santiago Mitre Argentina
Tantas Almas Nicolás Rincón Gille Colombia
Ni dieux ni maîtres Eric Cherrière France
Memories and my Mother Aditya Vikram Sengupta India
Marlina the murderer in four acts Mouly Surya Indonesia
Daoud’s winter Koutaiba Al Janabi Iraq
Death in Bed David Volach Israel
Sow The Wind Danilo Caputo Italy
Femme fatale Kyoko Miyake Japan
The Whole-timers Bibhusan Basnet & Pooja Gurung Nepal
Animas José Ortuño Spain
My favorite fabric Gaya Jiji Syria
Iguana Tokyo Kaan Müjdeci Turkey
The Boarding school Rezan Yesilbas Turkey

Between May 13 and 19, L’Atelier will arrange meetings with the directors for film industry professionals interested in investing in their projects. The list of projects and meeting requests will be available online at the beginning of April on

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One comment to “Cinefondation announces its 16 directors for Cannes”
One comment to “Cinefondation announces its 16 directors for Cannes”

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