Cannes dance festival back with new name, new locations

After the long Covid lockdowns, the Cannes dance festival will be held again in 2021. It hopes “to celebrate dance and rediscover the essential effervescence of choreographic diversity”. It will run from November 27 to December 12, 2021

This edition will feature 28 French and international companies that will showcase dance in all its creativity. In all, there will be 14 creations including 4 world premieres, 2 French and 1 European.

This edition is also the first under the label of Côte d’Azur France. So the full official name is now Festival de Danse Cannes – Côte d’Azur France. This underlines the role it plays in the region as a whole.

Several bodies chose to join this shared event: Anthéa (Antibes), Forum Jacques Prévert (Carros), Scène 55 (Mougins), Théâtre de Grasse, Théâtres en Dracénie (Draguignan), Théâtre La Licorne (Cannes), Théâtre National de Nice and a new partner in 2021, the Théâtre intercommunal Le Forum (Fréjus).

Several locations and public workshops

The Cannes dance festival, through its partnerships, wants to open dance to a wide audience. To help spectators across the region, shuttles will be organised between the theaters, with a coordinated pricing policy adapted to everyone.

Part of the philosophy of the event is to allow access to culture to as many people as possible. It will propose awareness-raising actions and practical workshops, master classes given by dancers or choreographers that are programmed. this meets the 100% EAC policy set up by the City of Cannes.

Martha Graham meets Isadora Duncan

Women will feature strongly in the line-up (see the explanation from Brigitte Lefèvre). For example, the Martha Graham Dance Company will be present, as well as a homage to Isadora Duncan by Jérôme Bel. Other companies include Balkis Moutashar, Eugénie Andrin, Mimulus and Dominique Brun. Local choreographers are also being featured.

Full details on the festival website.

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