Accreditations for Cannes 2020 now open

Seduced and Abandoned in Cannes
Drumming up financing in Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival 2020 accreditations are now open.

Lots of crazy figures are bandied out concerning the Cannes Film Festival. One of the most significant ones, however, remains the number of professionals that attend. Last year, the figure was almost 40,000, including some 4,400 journalists.

First thought: that’s a lot of admissions to process.

Second thought: remember to get yours in on time.

Set up deals, check new movies

A major port of this is the Marché du Film, where over 12,000 distributors, producers, directors, exhibitors and festival organisers come to set up deals for future movies or check the latest movies on offer (about 4,000 were available last year!).

This is the hidden side of the festival, but vitally important for the whole business.

Lastly, the International Village showcases some 96 countries including 25 African nations. They are useful hubs for doing business with and in the respective countries.

How to get accreditations

Before getting to excited, remember that there are a number of different accreditations available. Check this article to see which one is best for you. Now is also the time to find a place to stay (see below).

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