Cannes police plan a mini-strike

No Cannes festival is ever complete without a strike! This time it’s the police that are making their mark. But at least they have the courtesy to let us know in advance and to keep it short. To register their ongoing discontent with “sanctions, pressures and insufficient safety measures”, the police plan to hold a 55-minute symbolic strike at the foot of the red carpet on the opening night.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Cannes is a very small town that sees some 200,000 visitors during the festival. The police also have to deal with unbelievable levels of protocol for VIP guests that often include political leaders. The traffic in itself is a monumental task, as large parts of the town are regularly blocked to traffic, with the exception of the fleets of Festival limousines. And last but not least, the police have to deal with strikers and demonstrators every year. Oh, the irony!

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