Site of the week: Sleeping at Nice airport

(c) Nice airport by Flickr member Stuart Mudie (Smudie)

No, we’ve never had to sleep in Nice airport. But if you’ve got a very early flight, it’s something that people occasionally consider, figuring that it could be more convenient than paying for half a night’s sleep in a hotel and trying to pack suitcases in the morning on time for that 40 minute drive from Cannes.

Well, if you go by the comments on this site, Nice airport is far from being the worst option if you have no other choice. I quote: “I’d say Nice is a perfectly okay airport for sleeping in. The toilets were clean and had plug sockets so I could recharge my phone which was really helpful.” Nice to see the girl has her priorities. The hardness of the seating seems to be the major drawback. However, for some horror stories, check the comments of people that slept at Nice railway station.

And if you think that sleeping in Nice airport might be a possibility, whether by choice or not, check out the site’s Tips for Sleeping in Airports.

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