MIPTV 2009: Putting a perspective to the moaning

An excellent articleby Tanuj Garg in the Bollywood Hungama echoes my experience with the trade fairs at Cannes these past few months. Yes, figures are down. Yes, budgets have been cut. But there is still business to be done – and important contacts to be made for when the recovery picks up.

“The doom and gloom projected by attendees lacks perspective. There were acquisition executives aplenty – what has changed is that these execs are operating with substantially hacked budgets, which has, in turn, made their quest for content narrow, cautious and focused. This means that because buyers know what they want before they come down to the market, they are extremely selective about the companies they want to meet up and do business with.”

My slant: know who you want to meet and know precisely what they want and you have a good chance of doing that deal – perhaps not the deal you would have made last year, but those deals won’t be back for some time.

Check out the full article here.

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