Will mobile coverage blossom at Cannes this year?

For about three years, I have been meaning to start blogging from my mobile phone. But I always wondered who would be interested. Although the capabilities are there, is there anyone out there really interested in reading what would be very short messages? Since then, of course, Twitter had made its appearance and seriously changed the way people communicate breaking news (or opinions). And I’m still not sure Tweeting from Cannes is of any real interest to anyone other than the sender (“Look, I was there” – the irony being that I could send the message from the bottom of my garden and no one would notice the difference).

Co-produced by Orange and CANAL+, TV Festival will broadcast from the 13th to the 24th of March 2009. As the official channel of the Festival presenting everything that is news at Cannes it will be on air daily on Orange TV (channel 50), orange.fr and Orange mobiles.

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