MIDEM 2010: 3 money-saving deadlines on October 31

midem_05_outside_view_bigMidem people should keep an eye on the date of October 31. If you haven’t signed up yet, this is the last day to get the Early Bird rate of €675 (+VAT), which represents a discount of €450 on the walk-in rate in January. October 31 is also the cut-off date for getting the new MIDEM+ rate of €300 (instead of €400). MIDEM+ offers select participants the chance of getting personalised consultancy from top new business experts and personal network introductions from people such as Ted Cohen.

Lastly, if you attended last year, October 31 is also the last day you will be able to access the MidemWorld database. The new database will start to be implemented the day after, becoming functional again on November 3. So if you have been meaning to connect with any people through the database, it’s now or never. Click here to access MidemWorld.

Incidentally, if you are looking to reduce the overall cost of Midem, there are a few deals you should be aware of. People that attended last year can bring extra people this year and pay 30% less for each additional participant. People under the age of 26 that are attending for the first time pay only €280 if they register online. For full details about these deals, visit the Midem participant page. All prices are subject to 19.6% VAT, a proportion of which you can recover if you attend from outside France. Sign up up to our Twitter account to be kept informed of these and other deals.

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