Music tips for MIDEM 2010

“Se ne va” by Millionaire Blonde

I thought it might be interesting to create music tips for MIDEM 2010. If you have any tips, feel free to add them as a comment below. If you are involved with the act, add your details or company name at least so people can reach you. But be selective!

The video above is “Se ne va” by the Italian pop quartet Millionaire Blonde, which I think could be a pretty strong summer hit (so much so that I just did the English lyrics, which is why I give them star billing!). If interested for licensing, get in touch with me. Click through for some other great music tips.

Canadian singer-wongwriter Jason BajadaThe MIDEM Talent section has a few artists that I think are really worth following. Variety recently picked out my three recommendations from a few weeks back: Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan, French spiky girl group The Plasticines and Switzerland’s jazz singer Sophie Hunger. Check the Midem page for their shows.

I’d add to that a strong Canadian presence with notably Jason Bajada and Matthew Barber. Both are playing on the Canadian Blast night at Morrison’s on Tuesday 26. Stay tuned for more tips.

On the African front, check the conscious rap of Zulu Boy or the accomplished songwriting of The Parlatones (who appeared last year as well – how many times has this happened?).

10 comments to “Music tips for MIDEM 2010”
10 comments to “Music tips for MIDEM 2010”
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  2. Hi I’m Jade Delayed and I’d like to tip myself!

    We sort of sound like Lady Gaga / Ke$sha / Black eyed peas and are based (almost ironically) in Grasse! The Midem sampler on the website and myspace songs as of 17/1/10 are just placeholders untill all the mixes are back and we upload a sort of medley… that should be up by the end of the week. check back then! I will be at midem every day. We are interested in top tier us management or a major label record deal..

    JD x
    [edit: Just in case it’s not clear. Jade’s page can be found at, which has a download and links to MySpace, etc. Good contemporary pop. Worth checking. – Michael]

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  4. Had a listen to Jade Delayed – sorry its not for us, maybe a new production team could do something, but it sounds very 90’s.

  5. Comments coming from different sources:
    “Jully Black was good at Morisson’s last night”, from @iconotronic on Twitter.
    Katty Shotter, The Yeah Yous, Davy Knowles; David Stark, SongLink (interview coming soon)
    Depedro; Philippe Cornet, journalist Le Vif/Focus

    You’ll find clips of them at

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