MIPTV to showcase new format talent

MIPTV in CannesTV formats are hot, which is why MIPTV lanuched MIPFormats, dedicated to the booming formats market. They are following it up with the Fresh Talent Pitch, 10 original ideas for non-scripted concepts chosen from 110 submissions “designed to identify the successful formats of tomorrow,” said Laurine Garaude, Director of Reed Midem’s Television Division. The 10 creators chosen as finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their programme concept to a panel of buyers and commissioning executives from the major players on the eve of MIPTV.

The projects were chosen by a panel of experts comprising Virginia Mouseler and Stefano Semeria from international programme tracking company The WIT, Nicole DeFusco of Sundance Channel, David Lyle, Fox Reality Channel, Jan Salling, Banijay International; and Mikko Silvennoinen, Channel 4 Finland.

Organised in association with C21FormatsLab, C21Media’s feed of daily news and analysis on the non-scripted business for the entertainment industry, MIPFormats has already received 500 registrations, almost half of whom are buyers representing 54 countries.

10 creators chosen from 110 submissions will have the opportunity to pitch their programme concept to a panel of buyers and commissioning executives from the major studios during a pitching session on Sunday, April 11.

  • Being Jo Sapien, Johnny Blank, Agent Blank, Australia
  • Welcome in your own body, Mattias Schut, CCCP, Netherlands
  • My Latest Hit, Jarl Devine, Devine Television, New Zealand
  • Wayfinder.TV, Michael Koziol, Dragonfruit Studios, US
  • I’m your Puppet, Nicholas Feustel, Georgetown media, Germany
  • Win Our Life for a Pound, Mast Media, UK
  • Auction my Life, Samuel Kissous, Pernel Media, France
  • Cinema Moments, Gillad Osterer and Uwe Stanz, SEO Entertainment, Germany
  • 2 Strangers & A Wedding, Morgan Krajewski, Small World IFT, US
  • Date Expo , Zodiak Distillery, Zodiak Entertainment Group’s central creative unit Grand Zentral, UK

The Special Selection

An further 20 formats will be showcased by Elevator Pitches during the Commissioners & Producers MIP Accelerator & networking break, scheduled for 11.15 on Sunday, April 11.

  • The Killer Room, 3Koma, Spain
  • WIC – World Innovation Challenge, Antica Productions, Canada
  • Listen to Me, Federico Bernasconi and Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Italy
  • Hawks & Doves, Einstein Multimedia Group, Italy
  • NETBATTLE, Kerem Ergün, Germany
  • Let’s go camping, La Grosse Equipe, France
  • The Lift, Little Nemo, France
  • Rush Hour Challenge, Media Factory, Romania
  • Is this funny?, Monster Entertainment, Norway
  • Best Life Ever, More than 30 seconds, Italy
  • I do More than You!, North Star TV, Ireland
  • Six Degrees From You, P52 PRODUCCIONES, Spain
  • Grow Up!, Palm Plus, Netherlands
  • Different Faces, Primeworks Studios SDN VHD, Malaysia
  • Mission Accomplished, Si Hay Ideas, Colombia
  • In the Can, Standup etcetera, Finland
  • One Way or Another, Telston, S. Korea


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One comment to “MIPTV to showcase new format talent”

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