Who is creating and delivering new content?

Jimmy Maymann, appearing at Cannes Lions 2010

Although it only has a short slot in the seminar programme, our Cannes Lions tip is to put the Go Viral talk on your agenda. The internet puts existing business models on the rack. The newspaper and music businesses in particular have suffered. This seminar explains why the advertising industry could be the next.

Endemol and Simon Cowell have reinvented the music industry by turning it into entertainment. The same is happening in advertising. With the 30-second spot under threat, what options do desperate advertisers have to reach their audience? Online content like Endemol’s Sony-sponsored KateModern, Red Bull’s branded entertainment and Apple product ‘how-to-videos’ are what engage consumers today. The focus has shifted away from ‘me’ on to ‘you’ – the consumer.

The Big Question is who is the best at creating and delivering this content? Advertising agencies? Media agencies? Interactive agencies? Production companies? Hollywood is again the king of audiovisual engagement. It is already creating 360-degree launches for its major blockbuster productions – Avatar being the latest example of this.

Come and learn from them and other branded content innovators about the ‘marketing play-book’ in order to be ready to face the new consumer reality. Jimmy Maymann, chairman of Go Viral, and Daniel Goodall, planning manager at Nokia, will be on stage.


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