MassiveMusic celebrates 10th anniversary at Cannes Lions

Cannes party showcases 10 year-old virtuosoIn the summer of 2000, MassiveMusic heralded its birth with a party on a beach in Cannes during the annual International Advertising Festival, Cannes Lions. On the 23rd of June, MassiveMusic will host its 10th party with clients and friends on that same beach in Cannes.

A lot has happened since 2000. The seed that was planted in Amsterdam, still home to MassiveMusic’s headquarters, started to branch out in 2004 when, again under the starry nights in Cannes: “We had business intercourse with some Americans,” jokes founder and CEO Hans Brouwer. As a result, MassiveMusic NewYork became a fact in 2005. LA quickly followed, opening its doors in 2008 and was soon working on tracks for high-profile clients. A year later, ex-MassiveMusic Amsterdam creative director Diederik van Middelkoop set up a Shanghai studio, becoming the first international music production company in China.

Earlier this year the company reached its ultimate highpoint when they were asked to do the music for Nike’s already famous football campaign ‘Write The Future’. Brouwer: “When we were selected to take part in this advertising saga, we realized this was the perfect crown on our 10 year anniversary.” MassiveMusic, being a music agency, specializes in writing and sourcing music for brands and their advertising campaigns, and for broadcast design and film.

The company chose a 10 year-old guitar virtuoso to star in their Cannes party teaser film. Brouwer: “Working in an industry that is focused on what’s new all the time, becoming 10 might be considered getting old. But when we see kids at the age of 10 master an instrument, we get excited. We thought this was a good way of saying: “Hey, we’re only 10. See what we can do in another 10 years from now.” Some 2,500 people are expected at the party.


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