Finalists announced for Midemlab 2012

It’s no secret: the music biz has changed irrevocably, and now connects to audiences in ways that were completely unthinkable only a few years ago.

Each year, Midem showcases the best new upcoming music apps and services under the Midemlab sidebar. This year’s finalists –  chosen by UK digital consulting company Music Ally and French specialist open innovation consultancy bluenove – will pitch their projects to a jury of leading international digital experts including potential business partners and leading investment firms. The sessions have proven very popular with the Midem audience, who are given sneak peaks into new ways of combining music with business.

Previous editions have provided a launch pad for some of today’s major technological innovations, such as SoundCloud, The Echo Nest, Songkick and Root Music.

Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation (UK) – mass market mobile music service

MPme by Apsmart (UK) – curated internet radio

musicplayr (Germany) – music discovery & blogging

Navegas (Germany) – connecting the world of music tool

Rexly (USA) – social discovery & recommendation

Songs2See by Fraunhofer (Germany) – music game development

SoshiGames (UK) – game-based social music discovery

Twusic by LemonLab (Belgium) – Twitter music application

Watzatsong (France) – crowdsourced music search engine

WhoSampled (UK) – music discovery


Marketing & Social engagement

BandApp (UK) – free instant artist app creation

Beloola by V-Cult (France) – social music service

CrowdSurfing by LiveOne Group (USA) – live content social viewing app

Flowd (Finland) – music marketing and social music service

iPluggers (Netherlands) – worldwide digital radio promotion

Oocto by GeniusMonk (France) – crowdfunding & crowdsourcing music platform

Pipe (Germany) – file transfer for social networks

RockStar Motel (USA) – fan-centric music social network (UK) – social events discovery

Webdoc (Switzerland) – fan engagement


Direct to consumer sales and Content Monetisation

Getonic (Israel) – direct to consumer social ecommerce

Menyou (Sweden) – online sales and distribution tool

Musicsoft Arts (USA) – interactive music discovery, playback and sales

My Bee (France) – access control and dematerialized payment

Ondango (Germany) – Facebook commerce solution

SonicAngel (Belgium) – next generation crowdfunding label

TuneRights (Sweden) – stock market for music

Tunipop (USA) – connecting merchandise with digital music

Weezevent (France) – cloud ticketing service

WildChords by Ovelin (Finland) – guitar learning game

Not all these companies are start-ups. Germany’s Fraunhofer was involved in developing the MP3 format and the Potato system for encouraging the re-sale of music by fans. TuneRights has been working on its musical stock market – an idea that is ripe – for several years. So the combination of young talent and experienced developers should make for some exciting ideas.

It would also be interesting to see how these apps could be used in other “content” industries such as movies or TV.

One comment to “Finalists announced for Midemlab 2012”
One comment to “Finalists announced for Midemlab 2012”

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