Cannes 2012: where shall we meet?

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It’s always great see e-mails coming in confirming interest for meeting at the Cannes Film Festival or MIPCOM. But the next question is: where shall we meet? If this is your first time at Cannes, the question is more difficult than it seems. Let’s look at the geography involved. During the larger markets at Cannes, pavilions can be found anywhere between the Pantiero to the Martinez Hotel, a distance of a kilometer. And don’t forget that the red carpet lies between them. So it could take 20-30 minutes to get through the crowds. Plus, many people refuse to enter the Palais and only meet in hotels. Other companies set up in apartment studios around town.

Keep it simple

If this is your first time, it’s possible you won’t be given a choice. You go where your correspondent suggests. If you have a planning made out already, remember to try and keep any other appointments as closely grouped as possible. My personal preference is in and around the Palais, for no other reason than people are concentrated there. When the weather is nice and the rosé is calling, it’s always nice to take a beach location. But if you have to run 20 minutes to get there and 20 to your next meeting, I don’t think it’s worth the trouble.

Being Irish and working mostly in Belgium, I always drop by to see if I can use their pavilions if necessary (the Irish one is particularly well placed). The UK and American pavilions are also great locations. But the first is usually crowded and the second asks for a membership fee. Check if you can use your national or regional pavilion. It varies from country to country. Scriptwriters might also want to check the Maison des Scénaristes pavilion in the Pantiero area.

I’ve had many meetings in the hotels. But they are expensive and can refuse access to people without a market badge. If possible, I try and grab a seat on the lawn of the Mondrian (former Grand) (photo). Not cheap, but very pleasant. Other popular locations are the Caffè di Roma and other cafés opposite the Palais. The Roma terrace is great in the early morning, but gets very busy later.

So what about you? What do yo think are good locations for meetings in 2023? Drop a suggestion below.

3 comments to “Cannes 2012: where shall we meet?”
3 comments to “Cannes 2012: where shall we meet?”
  1. Basically, you’ve got four choices: a stand, a country pavilion, a hotel or one of the VIP beach clubs. I usually choose a country pavilion. But if you get the opportunity to get invited to one of the beach clubs, go for it.

    I’ve had meetings in the hotels with people because they don’t have a badge and can’t enter the Palais. But if someone is not willing to put €300 euros into a market badge, it’s not very promising, is it?

    Gaetan/Anacod Films

  2. Yep. Sounds about right. I forgot to mention one great venue, however. The Petit Majestic on the Rue Tony Allard is very popular and you can pickup reasonably-priced grub as well. It’s best known as an evening hang-out.


  3. By the way, the American Pavilion has a website at Membership is not restricted to Americans, but you pay either $75 or $750 depending on the level of services that you want. The upper price gives access to all sorts of priority services and the ability to invite non-members to the Pavilion.

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