Canada is MIPCOM 2012’s Country of Honour

After showcasing Russia last year, Canada is MIPCOM’s Country of Honour in October 2012 in Cannes. Together with the Canada Media Fund and Telefilm Canada, MIPCOM are organising a dedicated Focus on Canada featuring a wide-ranging programme of high-level conference speakers, screening showcases, world-renowned Canadian talent, and business matchmaking events.

Why Canada?

Canada has always had a reputation as a source of quality production in television. It notably plays an important role in the North American industry. Almost 230 Canadian companies attend MIPCOM each year, ensuring there is  a large base of talent, finance and production skills to showcase.

On a practical level, Canada is a bilingual country with a wide and impressive range of land- and cityscapes that go from European-style cities to the most rugged and grandiose terrain imaginable.

“Canadian television and digital media projects that the CMF supports have generated $2.3 billion CAD in production activity across Canada since 2010,” said Valerie Creighton, Canada Media Fund’s President and CEO.

“The time is right for Canada to be in the spotlight at MIPCOM 2012,”added Carolle Brabant, the federal cultural agency Telefilm Canada’s Executive Director. “Whether it’s international visibility at the Oscars and Cannes, or $1.02 billion CAD from 2006 to 2010 in total feature film treaty co-production budgets, partnering with Canada means business.”

Reaching the world

All operations of this kind are very simple in theory. The goal is to increase awareness about the talent and possibilities, while also actively seeking out new sources of financing for local productions. More about the Canadian events at Cannes will follow. For further details, visit CMF.

Has anyone any specific experience with working with Canada? Drop a note below.

Photo: Rick Mercer Report

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3 comments to “Canada is MIPCOM 2012’s Country of Honour”
3 comments to “Canada is MIPCOM 2012’s Country of Honour”
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