Cannes firework festival 2012 kicks off

Fireworks China Night Cannes - feu d'artifice... par laurentjefaut_hotmail_com

No summer in Cannes is complete without the fireworks festival. Some of the world’s finest firework organizers take over the bay for an evening of bangs, whizzes, music and colour. This year, the dates are:

  • July 14 (French national holiday!): Italy’s Morsani (created in 1880, no less).
  • July 21 (Belgian national holiday): Sunny from China, an award-winning company founded 30 years ago
  • July 29: Zaragozana, the Spanish masters founded in 1860
  • August 7: Brezac, the award-winning French outfit from Dordogne
  • August 15: Germany’s Innovative Pyrotechnik, featuring a very broad classical music selection
  • August 24: Jupiter, the Argentinian specialist that won the Jury Prize already in 2007 and are appearing hors compĂ©tition.

For the best views, the seafront hotels all organise parties and meals that will cost you an arm and a leg. You could always stand out with thousands of others on the Croisette (which is great fun), rent a boat in the bay or find friends with gardens or balconies further inland. The shows start at 10pm unless there is strong wind (get updates on Twitter) and last 30 minutes – which is long for a fireworks show.

To give an idea of what to expect, the video above is from 2011’s China night. Let us know what you think after the shows!

5 comments to “Cannes firework festival 2012 kicks off”
5 comments to “Cannes firework festival 2012 kicks off”
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  2. By the way, if you’re thinking of coming in a car, forget it! Not only is parking impossible, it will take you hours to get out of the centre afterwards if you do find a spot. Park outside the centre and walk in or take a bus. Or park in La Bocca and take the train.

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