The fastest way from Nice airport to Cannes by helicopter

Although there are plenty of cheap options for getting from Nice airport to Cannes, one is totally unbeatable in terms of speed. Not many people know the fastest way from Nice airport to Cannes is by helicopter to the heliport in Cannes, opposite the Blu Radisson hotel near the Old Port.

Nice airport to Cannes by air

All of the Côte d’Azur is spectacular from the air, there can be no question about that. But what if you are looking for some rational reasons before you pander yourself?

In fact, there are a number:

  • Speed. The flight takes about 9 minutes – which is probably too fast for people that would like to do some sight-seeing. But if you compare that to about 40 minutes by shuttle bus or taxi (and far more if there is an accident on the motorway), you can see the main attraction. This could save your life if your plane was delayed and you booked an appointment close to arrival time (which I have always advised against).
  • Price. I just checked (February 2023) and Blade offer rates of €210 incl. tax per person if single seats are available, otherwise €1050 for a private flight. Not cheap but you get downtown fast.
  • Convenience. The Heliport is central, and a car will drive you to your hotel.
  • Brownie points. There could not be a more Riviera-style way to make an entrance than by helicopter, even though not many people will actually see you! If you want to impress someone, you will certainly score points if you offer them a chopper flight to join you for a meeting in Cannes.

Flights are scheduled every 30 minutes or so. Is there a downside? I haven’t taken the helicopter to Cannes yet, so I can’t think of one. If you have, what did you think?

For details, visit Blade (photo). They also fly to other Riviera destinations such as Monaco and Gorges de Verdon, as well as the nearby ski resorts.

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For more reasonable people, here are the cheap ways to get to Cannes from Nice airport. This includes all the options such as the shuttle coach, bus, taxi and by train.

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5 comments to “The fastest way from Nice airport to Cannes by helicopter”
5 comments to “The fastest way from Nice airport to Cannes by helicopter”
  1. I just updated the pricing, as it’s important to remember that there is a minimum number of passengers required per flight. Call them on 33(0)4 93 90 40 70 to see what is available when you arrive at Nice airport.

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  3. Dear Michaël,

    I am on the sixth of September in Airport Nice around 12.30 u.
    What is the best price to exhibition boating in Cannes ?

    Best regards,

    JP Sauvage
    proj manager RRREstate ltd

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