American Pavilion discussions now on PPV

The American Pavilion has made the discussions which took place at Cannes 2013 available in pay-per-view (more elegantly known as “view on demand”).  Each year, the Pavilion hosts interesting trade discussions, roundtables and other networking events. Some of the better ones can now be viewed for $1 apiece, or $8 for the lot. Subjects include Women in Film, Digital Hollywood, Getting Your Film to Market and Financing a Film in 2013. Check the full line-up on Vimeo.

You might also want to check the equally fascinating discussions that took place at the UK Film Centre.

The latest thinking in the movie business from Cannes

The amount of info and opinion in these videos is quit simply staggering. Have fun! If you missed Cannes this year, this at least can bring you up to speed on the latest thinking in the movie business.

If you come across any other resources of this calibre, please feel free to link to them in the comment section below.

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