RAI Trade at MIPCOM 2013

Rai_trade_At_MIPCOMRAI Trade will be coming to MIPCOM 2013 with a number of Italian-based projects, including grand multi-generational  family portraits and biographically  inspired features about  Italians known the world over – as well as a documentary about the world’s greatest soccer legend.

Highlights  include  the  vast  canvas  of   (A Great  Family),  lusciously  shot by director Riccardo Milani with a cast of internationally known Italian stars including Stefania Sandrelli, Alessandro Gassman and Stefania Rocca. More than a quarter of Italian  viewers tuned  in to the dramatic finale of the first season of love and intrigue in the family owners of an important design furniture  company. This raised great expectations for the second  season of  eight 100 min  shows,  co-written by Stefano Bises, Monica Rametta and Ivan Cotroneo, a long-time writer for directors such as Daniele Luchetti, Luca Guadagnino or Ferzan Ozpetek.

Cross-platform integration at MIPCOM 2014

Ivan Cotroneo also wrote but also directed an intriguing new format produced by Indigo Films: UNA MAMMA IMPERFETTA (An Imperfect Mum). An exciting  example  of  commercially  successful  cross-platform integration  (TV broadcast;  the  site  of Italy’s main  daily, Corriere.it; VOD;  social media; merchandise  tie-ins;  etc.),  this comedy  about  the complicated life of a modern working mother went viral in Italy last spring.

A second project by UNA GRANDE FAMIGLIA  director  Riccardo Milani, VOLARE  (The Great Story  of Domenico Modugno) is a bio-miniseries about the singer  of  Italy’s  first post-war world hit  starring Giuseppe Fiorello.  Due to the success of  its initial broadcast  in  February  2013, another two 100’ episodes are already in production.

Tolstoy’s  famous  quip  about  family  life,  “happy  families  are  all  alike;  every unhappy  family  is unhappy  in  its own way”  is  the motto for ANNA KARENINA is an adaptation of the seminal novel about love and betrayal in 19th  century Russia.  Shot in the landscapes of Lithuania and Latvia, starring Anna Puccini in the title role and with an international cast from Italy, Germany, France and Spain, ANNA KARENINA is directed by Christian Duguay, the Canadian director of several of Lux Vide’s recent successful miniseries  including “Coco Chanel”, “Augustine: The decline of the Roman Empire” and Cinderella.

Finally, one of soccer’s most revered and reviled superstars, Diego Armando Maradona, bares it all in Gianni Minà’s 100’ doc MARADONA. Centered  around  in-depth  interviews  conducted  in 2013 with the  legend  known  for  his  genius  on  the  pitch  as well as his  bad-boy  behavior and drug excesses outside the stadium, MARADONA provides unprecedented insight into an icon not only of sports, but of popular culture in general.

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