Cannes to give away 1,500 tickets to festival

The town of Cannes has 1,500 tickets to screenings to give away during the festival. Needless to say, they intend this for local people (probably as a way of thanking them for the massive trouble the fest creates every year).

How to get a free ticket to a screening at Cannes

To avoid the tickets going to the republic of pals and cousins, Cannes townhall organises a raffle of available tickets to the screenings every year. To participate, you must apply between May 5 and 12 at either:

  • the festival info point at Cannes Town Hall between 9am and 6.30 (incl. weekends)
  • the town halls of La Bocca or Ranguin between 9am and 5.30 (NOT incl. weekends).

You will be asked to prove that you are an adult and live in the region, which means you will need to present an ID card or residence permit with a local address. Only one participant is allowed per household (same name, same address). Prizes are limited to two tickets during the festival. The winners will be announced on May 13 at 9am in the Town Hall.

There are other ways to catch screenings, however. I notably covered the Cannes Cinephile screenings here. Don’t forget there are also free open-air screenings of classic movies beside the Palais.

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