MIDEM 2015 to be held in June

The grand old dame of music conferences, MIDEM, is making news again. Hailed by many as a model of how to survive in a difficult business, the annual fair will hold its 49th edition in Cannes between June 5-8 2015 instead of in January. What does this change?

MIDEM 2015: the music fair strikes back?

midem_05_outside_view_bigMidem 2015 will see an enlarged programme designed to support labels and their artists as they look to extend their profile from the national to the international market -something it has been successfully doing for some years. The new programme will provide talent with live showcases in front of Midem delegates and the public, access to the Midem conference sessions and senior industry mentors and VIP networking opportunities amongst other features.

In its press release, the move was given the thumbs up by senior managers from Glassnote Entertainment, YouTube, !K7 and Strictly Confidential.

The fight to stay relevant

Midemlab 2014Since its heyday in the late nineties, Midem has been battling to remain relevant in an extremely fast-moving yet declining  industry. Its innovative MIDEMNET sidebar, which had arguably become more important than the fair itself, was very successfully folded into the main event a number of years ago. MIDEM has also been actively pitching to the mass of smaller and self-owned labels by providing very valuable conferences and workshops (a move suggested by yours truly eight years ago).

The move to a summer date, however, has wide implications. One of the big advantages of MIDEM was that it was held in the low season just after the New Year, which means that accommodation and flights were affordable (and business was slower for most people, making it easier to take time away from the office). June is a far busier month.

The idea of a stronger Midem at a more attractive date is interesting. For those frustrated by attending Cannes under the rain and in sometimes chilly weather, it can only be good news. Prices have not yet been announced. Sign up to our newsletter (right) to get the Early Bird rates as soon as they are announced.

Midem also has a strong editorial blog. Check the Midem blog for some great industry thinking.

UPDATE APRIL 2023: Since Midem has changed hands, the Midem blog has been discontinued. This is a shame, as it contained great industry comments and thinking.

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2 comments to “MIDEM 2015 to be held in June”
2 comments to “MIDEM 2015 to be held in June”
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