Cycle to MIPIM runs for 10th time

For the 10th time next year, CYCLE TO MIPIM will bring together 100 cyclists from the property sector to cover the 1,500km from London to Cannes in early March, arriving in time for the start of MIPIM.

The CYCLE TO MIPIM charity run raises money for charities. The event caters for riders of all abilities and works as a relay ride, enabling riders to cycle a set minimum distance each day, complete the whole distance, or find their own level somewhere in between. They always ride as a group and at the pace of the slowest rider.

£2 million in grants

With the support of mechanics, sports therapists, lead cars, motorcycle outriders and fellow riders, Cycle to Mipim offers a remarkable rider experience and a unique team effort which creates memories – and friendships.

cycle2mipimday5-5Since it started in 2006, with 17 riders and a tour bus as the hotel, the event has raised nearly £2million in grants for the supported charities. In 2014 it exceeded all targets, raising more than £250,000 to help them continue their work.

The 2015 event promises to be especially memorable as it will be the tenth ride since a group of cyclists first set out to raise money for charity by cycling all the way to Cannes in 2006.

For details about this and their other events such as Cycle to Mapic and Pedelle, visit Cycle to…

One comment to “Cycle to MIPIM runs for 10th time”
One comment to “Cycle to MIPIM runs for 10th time”
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