Imogen Heap sells music using crypto-currency

“Tiny Human” introduces Audiocoin to music lovers

Midem is mainly known for its music. But it is also the place where music and technology meet. This is where Spotify made its big mark, after all. It is also where SoundCloud, SongKick, and StageIt also had their industry débuts.

If you are one of those that read the Midem 2015 Report, you’ll know what I think of blockchain technology. Sure, the name is decidedly unsexy. But I think it is going to revolutionise the way the music business functions. If the name is familiar, it is probably because you have heard it mentioned in relation to the bitcoin cryptocurrency. There is more to it than that.

Immediate, transparent payments with blockchain

What’s the connection to music, or Imogen Heap? Aurovine is one of the companies that was showcasing blockchain technology at Midem 2015. To cut a complex story short, blockchain technology allows for the immediate tracking and payment of music downloads. So artists, labels and distributors can now work in a transparent and therefore potentially more fair environment. Everyone can see how much was paid and when. Needless to say, this is not standard practice in the music business. If you have ever felt, “What’s the point of paying for music as the labels steal everything,” this is the solution.

Iogen Heap cryptocurrencyIn parallel, Imogen Heap has – like other performers – been looking for a more fair system to work in. “It dawned on me a few months ago that the mechanism to create and sustain a place like [her new project] Mycelia exists now with the help of blockchain technology and crypto-currencies,” says Heap. “I am for the first time EVER, really excited and positive for the future of music and its industry.”

To break things down even more simply, all you have to do to download the music is register with Aurovine and pay with their Audiocoin. When you sign up first, you receive 50 free Audiocoins (coincidentally, the recommended price of a download!). The artist or label is informed and paid immediately.

Imogen Heap “Tiny Human”

Presumably written following the birth of her child, “Tiny Human” is an airy, layered track with a synth background and heap’s soaring vocals. Check it at Imogen Heap on Aurovine [edit: the link is no longer valid. Check Aurovine here]. Whatever you think of her music, the technology is very definitely worth investigating.

Think what would it do to music licensing if the whole system was run on the back of blockchain technology. It would be great to get some discussion going. Could you ever see an artist or movie you represent using a crypto-currency or blockchain technology?

2 comments to “Imogen Heap sells music using crypto-currency”
2 comments to “Imogen Heap sells music using crypto-currency”
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