Break the Floor announces jury for March 4 in Cannes

Cannes annual breakdance contest promises stellar show

The judges and DJs for the upcoming Break the Floor (BTF) breakdance contest in Cannes (March 4 2017) have been announced. One of the most prestigious international battles with including participation of the Koreans of Jinjo Crew, the most recognized team in the world, back to defend their title at the Palais des Festivals!

  • Bboy Pocket

    Bboy Pocket After winning the BTF three times in a row, Pocket is back this time as a judge.

  • Bboy Thiaz A multi-award winning bboy and judge at international competitions.
  • BBoy Mounir The “Undisputed World Bboy Master 2016″ – no less.
  • DJ Vientiane The master of rare tracks will give BTF a distinctive sound.

The line-up of Break the Floor 2017

JINJO CREW – South Korea (winner of BTF 2016)
ARCOPOM – Spain (winner of the BTF Summer)
NOIS NA CENA – Brazil (winner BTF Latin America)
STYLE INVADORS – Belgium (winner BTF Europe)
Winner BTF Asia to be announced on 25/02/2017
DREAM-TEAM EASTERN EUROPE (Ukraine / Russia / Bulgaria)
SOUL FIRE – France (challengers)
Winner BTF Kidz to be announced

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