Cheap flights to Toulon: are they worth it?

UK to Toulon to Cannes

I just received news that the airport at Toulon is promoting return flights from the UK for as little as €110 with Flybe. If you’re trying to arrange last-minute flights to Cannes for the film festival or Midem and are on a budget, this sounds tempting. But how realistic is it?

First, the price. Yes, it’s hard to beat Toulon for price if you are arranging flights at the last minute. But €110 is about the same as comparable Easyjet flights if you book in time (please do!).

Also, Toulon is about 120 kilometers from Cannes. The good news is that Toulon is on the main train line between Marseilles and Nice. You will have to add 1’20” to your travel time, plus the time to get from the airport to the station. There are not all that many buses, so factor that in when booking. Train tickets can cost between €15-38, with the average price being about €25.

So at the end of the day, if you add in the time you will take to get to Southampton or London City airport, this could be one long trip. On the other hand, the airport itself is a pleasant local airport. So checking in is a breeze.

Maps and other info

The Toulon airport website for tickets

This leads to the map for getting to Cannes from Toulon.


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