Midemlab 2017 finalists are announced

Which music tech startup will revolutionize the music business?

Midemlab is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The fascinating showcase of new music tech talent has been the platform for music tech innovators such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Stagelink and Next Big Sound. Part of the Midem trade fair, Midemlab calls on a panel of industry experts to identify companies or products that could make a significant contribution to the music business. They will pitch their ideas to the panel at Midem (June 6-9, 2017). Check the video from last year above.

Without further ado, here are the nominees:

Category 1: Music Creation and Education Services

  • Uberchord: an artificial intelligence-based mobile music education platform;
  • STUDYTRACKS: uses music to teach children a variety of subjects with the goal of making it engaging;
  • Roadie 2: the world’s first handheld vibration-based automatic tuner for string instruments;
  • Skoog 2.0: a touch instrument for iPad that allows anyone to play music; and
  • HumOn: an app which composes music from any tune you hum into your phone.

Category 2: Music Distribution and Discovery

  • Truelinked: an online marketplace for classical music artists;
  • Diggers Factory: allows artists to produce their own vinyl records at no cost using a crowdfunding- type community;
  • Yokee Music makes music-entertainment apps, offering karaoke and play-along piano options;
  • Atmosphere personally assists businesses in selecting in-store music; and
  • DISCO allows users to download, access and share music files, all from one location.

Category 3: Marketing and Data/Analytics

  • Vinci Smart Headphones: the first smart headphones to use artificial intelligence and a touchscreen to provide high quality sound;
  • SYOS: uses 3D printing to create custom mouthpieces for brass instruments;
  • Pacemaker allows users to create and share mixtapes using Spotify;
  • TheWaveVR: a virtual reality platform for music lovers to view, host, and socialise in music performances worldwide, anytime, anywhere; and
  • ORB: an immersive music format designed for 360° video and VR content.

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