Cannes firework show for July 14 is cancelled

The actual fireworks start at 23:38

It will come as no surprise that this year’s edition of the firework show on July 14, 2020 in the bay of Cannes has been cancelled. An event that brings together up to 200,000 people along the coastline could never possibly hope to meet the French authorities’ guidelines governing social distancing. It currently sets an upper limit of 5,000 people.

This is obviously a great shame, as the show is one of the highpoints of the summer season in Cannes. The show on the national holiday is generally hosted by the winner of the previous year’s firework festival. In this case, it would have been Austria’s Feuerwerke Jost, whose award-winning show in 2019 based on the theme of jazz music.

2019 Firework Festival winner
Vestale d’Argent : Feuerwerke Jost (Austria)
Special Jury prize : Rozzi Famous Fireworks (Etats-Unis)
Audience award : Feuerwerke Jost (Austria

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