Midem announces FREE networking event in December

Midem has been the pre-eminent music business networking forum for decades. Now a new digital networking event will keep it alive during the coronavirus crisis when people cannot physically meet.

The music business is built on personal relationships, which derive from contacts. Midem has traditionally been where the various players get to meet and build those contacts.

The demise of the music business following the digital tsunami already affected it (and the industry) badly. Yet Midem kept shifting to continue providing relevant market info and networking opportunities. The covid crisis caused it to go online earlier this year. But although it still featured sensational workshops and conferences, the actual networking was hard.

Music Networking Week

Enter Music Networking Week, a new digital event that promises to enable the music community to come together, network and access real business opportunities around the world – free of charge!

From 30 November to 4 December 2020, Midem will offer participants the chance to connect with peers, grow an international network and start conversations. These can then be pursued all-year-round on the Midem Digital platform!

The details have not yet been releases, so check the Midem website for details and follow Cannes or Bust on Twitter for news as it breaks.

4 comments to “Midem announces FREE networking event in December”
4 comments to “Midem announces FREE networking event in December”
  1. Having canvassed their participants the overall feedback appears to show that clients are keen to return to Cannes .  It is clear that professionals from the property sector want to meet and network again, obviously this must take place in an environment of safety and ongoing confidence.  Here at Button Design we support this decision and, like Reed Midem, we hope to see improvements in the worldwide health situation so that we may all feel able to travel and get back to business in the ‘new normal’. Creative stand designer, Audiovisual equipment supplier and event organizer, Button Design remains at your service!

  2. Agreed!

    I’m pretty sure also that Midem are anxious to stay relevant. The music business moves extremely fast. They cannot afford to be absent for too long. The digital Midem conferences earlier this year were good, but we need those human contacts – like every business, I guess. Hence this networking event, which is the next best thing. I’m curious to see how it works.


  3. Yep.

    On a sidenote, very few instrument makers participate at Midem, although I have seen a few new apps and connected instruments over the years.

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