Midem music fair to return in 2023

Midem conference 2023
The return of Midem in 2023

The legendary music fair Midem is set to return to Cannes in 2023, back at its historic date in January. The event will be coordinated by three French companies: the communication agency Hopscotch; event organiser All Over/Panda Events; and NFT platform Pianity.

Midem was the longest-running international music biz trade fair. Set up initially in 1967 to coincide with the nearby San Remo song festival, it grew to be a motor in the international music industry. Professionals from all the various sectors – labels, publishers, record presses, lawyers, distributors, managers and promoters – met to network and cut deals. It also had a superb track record of bringing major and upcoming artists to Cannes for nightly shows.

Digital music tsunami

Run by the Reed MIDEM organisation, later renamed RX, Midem began to suffer from the nineties onward when the digital tsunami melted 50% of revenue from the global music industry. Despite changing massively over the years to incorporate digital technology and the web, the last one was held in 2019, after which RX decided to focus on more profitable events such as MIPCOM.

The city of Cannes decided to acquire the brand and just recently announced plans to do a soft re-launch in 2023, with a full return in 2024. The priorities of the event are similar to what made Midem so important: networking, conferences, but with a stronger emphasis on live music. The fact that the partners come from events and the music-tech sector is also significant.

Midem returns to January slot in 2023

Midem veterans will be happy to return to the January slot, when a lull in the music business made it more convenient to attend than in the warmer but more busy July slot. Hopefully, it will also attract more people from the live music community – a key element in music biz success.

For its 2023 edition, Midem looks like being more a of a music festival than a trade fair. The first artists to be confirmed are Fatboy Slim and Jean-Michel Jarre.

The website still hosts the previous event at the moment. Hopefully it will be updated soon. For the latest Midem news as it breaks, best to follow Cannes or Bust on Twitter.

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2 comments to “Midem music fair to return in 2023”
2 comments to “Midem music fair to return in 2023”
  1. Yikes!! As a 20+ year Midem Platinum veteran, I was excited-until I saw the dates!!
    Please switch back to early June or elsewhere-January has several meaningful conflicts, most specifically Eurosonic /ESNS in Groningen. Also Celtic connections, then FAI global conference Folk Alliance.
    Then mid-February is very successful intimate Durango Songwriters Expo.
    Help- hope to be able to come back and participate/present in 2024-IMMF, MMF managers..
    Kind thanksSteve

  2. I wish I had a say in this, but I am just reporting on it!

    Personally, I had a preference for January as it was the quietest month for me. But there is another problem. As I write this on November 26, the programme has not yet been announced and tickets are still not available. This makes it very hard for people from the US or Japan to plan attendance.

    My guess is that Midem will probably put everything back a year.

    Nonetheless, when I hear stuff, I post it here first:


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