The Cannes greeting card

Snow on Cannes palm treesWe just received a card from the Immosol property agency in Cannes with the image (right). Needless to say, it’s a joke. But while we’re getting all seasonal, you might want to know that until January 7, Cannes is hosting a Christmas village on the Espace Pantiero with special events on December 24 and 31 – including a firework show. For something a bit warmer, there is a showing of “Carmen” in the Palais on December 31.

Everyone else is slowly getting things together for Midem, January 21-25. We’ll be posting news of the conference and concert line-ups over the coming days.

4 comments to “The Cannes greeting card”
4 comments to “The Cannes greeting card”
  1. Actually, it is not so much a joke! The card itself may not be original, our good friend Photoshop may have played his part, but it DOES from time to time snow on the beach in Cannes.

    January 2004 we all woke up one morning and the scene on the Croisette was much like in the photo! Snow on the Palm trees and on the beach!

    Just thought you may be interested!

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