Midem: The empires strike back

Midem’s backbone has always been the indie labels. By definition, they don’t have international networks and therefore have the most to gain from hooking up with strong local players from overseas. The relationship between the majors and Midem has always been a little strange. Representatives from major labels have always attended, but rarely take a stand. Many are not even listed in the Midem Guide.

One of the few majors to be present over the years has been EMI Music Publishing, who this year are going the full hog and co-hosting the opening night party with Midem. The idea is to showcase some of their most promising signings (music publishers are not bound to release through their sister labels). EMI Music Publishing president and co-CEO Roger Faxon says, “Sometimes we are so bogged down in business details, we forget it’s all about music and musicians, and so we are very pleased to have the opportunity to join with Midem to celebrate the creativity of these talented songwriters and performers.” The fact that they are also bringing 13 local heads to Cannes tells me that something more is afoot – the interesting question being whether they are on a selling or a buying spree! By way of comparison, the BMG group is sending about the same total number, labels included.

This showcase will bring together new Swedish star Mando Diao (EMI Music, Sweden), rising electronica/indie/rock artiste Shiny Toy Guns (Universal/Motown, US), New York-based R’n’B septet Naturally 7 (Festplatte AG-Switzerland –EMI/Virgin, France) and DJ Eric Prydz (Data/Positiva, UK).

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