10 composers to enjoy networking at Cannes 2023

Composer in front of screen in a studio
Photo: Nunzio La Rosa / Pexels

Composers: are you eligible for this networking package?

In 2023 again, 10 soundtrack composers will enjoy privileged networking opportunities at the Cannes Film Festival. Launched in 2020 with the support of France’s SACEMSpot the Composer connects professional film composers with feature film directors and producers that are attending the Marché du Film.

The composers will also get access to dedicated conferences and the Animation Day and Fantastic Fanatics events.

After some explanatory cases on Friday 19 May, the following two days will consist of meetings between composers, filmmakers and producers on Saturday 20 May and Sunday 21 May 2023.

Making connections at Cannes 2023

As I underline in the Cannes Starter Guide, making connections is what Cannes and the Film Market is all about – and this obviously applies to composers. So getting high-level appointments made for you is a major benefit. Nothing stops you from connecting with other professionals anyway as the package includes access to the Film Market.

But before getting your hopes up too much, read the criteria for eligibility:

* Confirmed composers, with at least ten movies as the main composer, including at least two feature-length films. 

* Eligible composers may attend the STC program twice in total, at least three years apart. 

* The selection will include 10 applications from Europe and North America. Applications from outside these territories will be considered provided that a valid visa is obtained. 

*  Participants are responsible for their travel expenses to and from the festival. Accommodation from May 19 to May 22, 2023 and accreditation to the Marché du Film are offered to the 10 selected composers. 

*  The selected composers agree to participate to the entire Spot The Composer program. 

*  Only the selected composers will be contacted directly by e-mail on 15/04/2023 to inform them that they have been selected for the program.   

* Selected composers will be featured on the Marché du Film website and the Spot the Composer webpage.

The submission deadline for composers at Cannes 2023 is April 2, 2023.

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