MIPTV opens digital pass

As I often point out in the Cannes Starter Guide, access to people is what Cannes is all about. With the MIPTV digital pass, you now get access without actually travelling to Cannes.

When the lockdown brought the whole trade fair/event business to a halt, many of the events started beefing up their online and digital presence. The technology was there and people were used to watching webinars and holding teams meetings.

For me, it always seemed like a no-brainer to open up a new level of attendance. Creating a digital pass offers nothing but benefits:

  • people that could not visit for whatever reasons can check in and catch the keynotes and conferences
  • watch screenings and the content directory
  • save on the expenses of travel and accommodation
  • be listed in and have access to the MIPTV participant directory.

This latter is where the juice is, in my opinion. Many people forget that the directory is open 24/7 for a year. When used properly, it is an essential tool that you can use to either to find potential partners and/or showcase your work.

MIPTV digital access for €450.

In 2010, the trick was to “be there”. Now that is optional.

MIPTV 2023 is currently selling digital passes for the price of €450. If you have ever wondered if MIPTV is worth attending, this is a relatively cheap way to find out. I don’t think it could ever match the value of attending, but it’s it’s a low-risk way to test the waters.

The MIPTV digital pass is also being sold as a good way to network. On this point, I am less enthusiastic. People attending trade fairs are notoriously hard to pin down. The last thing they want to do is sit down to “chat” online during a conference, for example. There are ways of still reaching people at online events (that I outline in the Cannes Starter Guide). But as I said, it could never match the power of getting face-to-face with participants.

Check the various ways of attending MIPTV.

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